Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless.

Not to speak, is to speak.  Not to act, is to act.

(Dietrich Bonhoffer)


KXLY Responsibility in Journalism Petition

On Thursday, July 17, Spokane’s KXLY television news aired a blatantly defamatory story about Washington State Representative, Matt Shea (click here to view the story). You may have already read the article that I published exposing KXLY’s slanderous attack on a sitting representative of the people of the State of Washington.

This is not just about Representative Shea. Though Matt Shea is one of the few overtly God honoring, Constitution upholding champions of liberty currently serving in public office, the practice of character assassination by media insinuation without the benefit of trial, is a despicable act that must be opposed whatever the victim’s political views. Those who wear the title of “media” hold a certain public trust. The story aired by KXLY violated that trust.

I encourage you to sign the “KXLY Responsibility in Journalism” petition. Then, send a message to KXLY at or call (509) 324-4000 asking that the station repudiate this slanderous, politically charged story and return to the standards of journalistic integrity. If you like, you can use the sample message below.

I may not be able to fight every injustice, but when something this egregious comes right into my own living room, I have to stand up and say something.

This is an opportunity to do something for the good of our community by encouraging KXLY, and indeed, every media outlet in our region, to act responsibly.

Circulate this message and the petition to all who share your values or care about responsible reporting by local media.

I especially call on religious, political and public service organizations to inform your supporters of this matter and encourage them to sign the petition. It is our duty to help safeguard the citizens of our community from those who would exercise power irresponsibly.

Robert W. Peck
Chairman, Constitution Party of Washington

Sample Message to KXLY

On Thursday, July 17, the KXLY Six O’clock news carried a blatantly defamatory story attacking an elected representative of the people of the State of Washington, State Representative, Matt Shea. The story was a disgrace to the ethical standards of journalism and constituted an act of public character assassination by media insinuation without the benefit of trial.

The story was based on a citizen’s report to police of a conversation overheard in a restaurant which he misunderstood and thought to be some sort of plotting of terrorist activity. Your own story admitted that both the police and FBI investigated the matter and found the citizen’s concerns to be unfounded. Yet that did not stop your station from using this baseless insinuation as a pretext for launching into a political hit piece clearly calculated to cast aspersions on the character of a candidate for public office which your station obviously opposes and seeks to defame.

Those who bear the title of “media” hold a certain public trust in a community. Your story on July 17 betrayed that trust. For the sake of the citizens of my community, I call on KXLY to repudiate the slanderous attack on Representative Shea and to adopt standards of journalistic integrity that will not allow your station, or the trust that it holds with the citizens of the community, to again be used as a tool for political retribution.

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