Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless.

Not to speak, is to speak.  Not to act, is to act.

(Dietrich Bonhoffer) 


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Is the Constitution Dead?

Today we celebrate the 227th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution and ask the question, “is the Constitution dead?” Has it survived despite the many years of degradation it has suffered or did it succumb long ago?

The other day I was confronted with the idea that perhaps the Constitution is...Read More »

Illegal Immigration: Who's Responsible?

by Robert W. Peck — Constitution Party of Washington State Chairman and creator of American Perspective

Illegal immigration into the U.S. has been on the rise for the past year, but in the last month or so an unprecedented wave of immigrants has hit the border and started to make headlines....Read More »

The August 2014 National Newsletter, The American Constitutionist is published.

 From National Chairman Frank Fluckiger, 

Dear friend:

I’m really excited about our new newsletter. There is more information and important links than ever before. I urge you to read it — read it twice so you can go to the links —...Read More »

Washington State Primary Turnout was Lowest Since 1990

The Constitution Party of Washington supports a No Primary system. Political parties are not part of the government. They are private organizations who should choose their own candidates, at their own expense, and in their own way. The taxpayers of the state would save millions of...Read More »

Analysis of KXLY Story on State Representative Matt Shea

Robert W. Peck, Constitution Party of Washington State Chairman

The following is an analysis of the KXLY television news story on State Representative, Matt Shea, aired July 17, 2014. This is not a “fault finding” document seeking merely...Read More »

Ballot Access News: Washington Holds Its Fourth Top Two Primary

From Ballot Access News:

On August 5, Washington state held its fourth top-two primary. No candidate for Congress or any partisan state office, who was not a Democrat or Republican, managed to place first or second, in races that had at least two major...Read More »

July 2014 Edition of The American Constitutionist

Read the July 2014 National Constitution Party newsletter here.   This month’s edition includes an article by Constitution Party of Washington Chairman Robert W. Peck entitled “Illegal Immigration — Who’s Responsible?”, updates...Read More »

The June 2014 Edition of the American Constitutionist

Read the June 2014 National Constitution Party newsletter here, including a great article by former National Chairman and 2012 Vice-Presidential nominee James N. Clymer entitled, “The Power of Grass Roots Organizing.”

If you are not already receiving this email newsletter, you can...Read More »

Newsletter Lists Candidates Across the Nation

This edition of our national party’s newsletter, The American Constitutionist, includes an impressive list of Constitution Party candidates running for offices across the Nation. It also features write-ups on three “Key Candidates” along with other informative articles.

These are our brothers and sisters who have put themselves on the...Read More »

Darrell Castle Interview on the RIGHT Spokane Perspective

Darrell Castle, National Constitution Party Executive Committee member, was recently interviewed on The RIGHT Spokane Perspective radio show.   Several Castle Report podcasts are discussed, including Darrell’s series on the situation in Ukraine, the McDonaldization of Vietnam.   A great interview you will...Read More »

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Why the Constitution Party? – Robert Peck

The Castle Report
Darrell Castle, former national Vice-chairman, currently serves on the National Executive Committee and was the Constitution Party Vice-presidential nominee in 2008.

Home Front
Cynthia Davis, a four term Missouri State Representative, currently serves as a member of the Constitution Party National Committee.

Constitution Minute by Randall Yearout

Randall Yearout is the voice of Red-White-and-Blue Collar Radio and creator of the Constitution Minute radio spots originally aired on the American Christian Network, based in Spokane, Washington. This book is a compilation of those spots with additional supporting material for the principles Randall applies to today's world. You can listen to them from the Multimedia page on this website.

America Needs a Third Party Now!

This book was produced for the national Constitution Party by Karen Murray, Constitution Party of Washington Vice-chairman. It is a compilation of essays gathered from Constitution Party leaders across America and includes a history of third parties, why they are essential to freedom, and why a party based solely on the founding principles of the American Constitutional Republic is the best choice for America.

  • How to Lose a Constitution—Lessons from Roman History August 30, 2014
    - 29 August 2014 –  Lawrence W. Reed President, Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)   I begin with this remark of the celebrated Roman historian Livy, written 2,000 years ago: There is an exceptionally beneficial and fruitful advantage to be more »
    Karen Murray
  • Your Newsletter has Good News! August 29, 2014
    - 28 August 2014 –  by Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman   I’m really excited about our new newsletter. There is more information and important links than ever before. I urge you to read it — read it twice so you can go to the more »
    Karen Murray
  • More Than a Win, Constitution Party Candidates want Ballot Access August 28, 2014
    - 26 August 2014 –  Alaska Public Media -  “Alaskans will have one more option in the governor’s race: The Division of Elections will allow Constitution Party candidate J.R. Myers to appear on the ballot. The Alaska Constitution Party has just more »
    Karen Murray
  • Everything is So Bad We Have to do Something … So Let’s Have An Article V Constitutional Convention August 23, 2014
    - 1 August 2014 –  by Janine Hansen, Constitution Party Western States Area Chairman –    Last week I spoke at Carole Fineberg’s Conservative Talk Lunch in Reno, about the dangerous threat of an Article V Constitutional Convention now being more »
    Karen Murray
  • Constitution Party Submits First Statewide Alaska Petition Since 2000 August 21, 2014
    19 August 2014 –  Ballot Access News –  August 19 is the deadline for Alaska independent candidates, and the nominees of unqualified parties, to submit petitions. The Constitution Party is submitting approximately 4,400 for Governor and 4,300 for Lieutenant Governor. more »
    Karen Murray