Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless.

Not to speak, is to speak.  Not to act, is to act.

Dietrich Bonhoffer

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It's Us vs. Them and the Problem is Us

by Robert W. Peck

Chairman, Constitution Party of Washington

us-vs-them-295In a world with an “us versus them” mentality, it’s always “them” that are the problem… right? We’re never the cause of our own troubles, that would be unthinkable. It’s always the other guy who fouls everything up. We’re innocent. If only the whole world were left to us, it would be a utopian paradise.

The same phenomenon exists in the political arena where the “us versus them” mentality finds that it is always the other political party that is the problem. You name the trouble, the other party caused it. Whether we’re talking Democrat vs Republican, left vs right, liberal vs conservative, one thing is certain, the other side is the root of all evil. If only the country were turned over to our side, to our favored “ism” or political party, we would make it a utopian paradise.

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Citizen's Alliance for Property Rights Candidate Evaluations

CAPR logo

The 2014 General Election candidate evaluations from the Citizen's Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR) are now available online.  Read here.

The Constitution Party supports private property rights as outlined in this statement:  Protection of Private Property.


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We Believe We Vote releases candidate evaluations

VoteballoonsflagWe Believe We Vote has released its 2014 General Election Candidate Evaluations for the Spokane area.   We Believe We Vote is a coalition of 35 citizens, who volunteer their time to sit down with the candidates and ask the questions that you would ask if you had the time. They are  from various religious denominations and occupations, and all agree with their mission statement: “Using Biblical and traditional values, We Believe-We Vote offers informed voter recommendations to the faith-based community for the primary and general elections.”  Their state purpose is to have a positive influence on the local elections for the glory of God and the benefit of our community, according to Proverb 29:2 “When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when a wicked man rules people groan.

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Stop Common Core Candidate Survey Results

StopCommonCore-WAWashington State Against Common Core recently asked candidates for state legislature and US Congress to respond to some survey questions.  Below is the listing of candidates, followed by their positions on the Common Core State Standards and whether they would support legislation related to withdrawal from the Common Core State Standards and Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.

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Secretary of State predicts 62 percent voter turnout

Kim-WymanSeattle Time's says "Washington’s Secretary of State Kim Wyman has given her crystal-ball number for this year’s general election turnout: 62 percent."   Read the full article on predicted voter turnout in Washington State here.





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The American Constitutionist: September 2014

American-ConstitutionistIt's Us vs. Them, The Truth About Ballot Access, Faces of the Constitution Party, and much more!  Read this month's edition at: The American Constitutionist


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Take the Constitutionist Challenge


You hereby nominated, our fellow patriots, to take the CONSTITUTIONIST CHALLENGE by accepting one of the three following actions:

1. Contact a Constitution Party candidate in your area and volunteer to work in their campaign – doorbelling, yard sign placement, phone calling, etc, or:

2. If you don’t have a Constitution Party candidate in your area, send a donation to a Constitution Party candidate somewhere else in the country – Anywhere!

3. Donate to the national party to help us gain ballot access across the country.

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Is the Constitution Dead?

Constitution & Flag 150Today we celebrate the 227th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution and ask the question, “is the Constitution dead?” Has it survived despite the many years of degradation it has suffered or did it succumb long ago?

The other day I was confronted with the idea that perhaps the Constitution is already null and void and has been for some time now based on the many unconstitutional acts of the federal government, some beginning as long as a hundred years ago. I’ll be the first to admit that much, perhaps even most of what the federal government does, is not allowed under the Constitution. But does that mean that the Constitution has failed, that it doesn’t work, that it is no longer valid, has become irrelevant and that we should quit contending for the founding principles of the American Constitutional republic? Or does it merely mean that we the people have ignorantly and foolishly elected persons who are now subjecting us to an unconstitutional, and therefore alien, form of government?

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Illegal Immigration: Who's Responsible?

by Robert W. Peck -- Constitution Party of Washington State Chairman and creator of American Perspective

illegal-immigration-325Illegal immigration into the U.S. has been on the rise for the past year, but in the last month or so an unprecedented wave of immigrants has hit the border and started to make headlines. In California, citizens took to the streets to physically block buses from bringing more illegals into their community. Texas Governor, Rick Perry, is said to be preparing to deploy National Guard forces. Rumors are flying about various citizen militia groups heading south to secure the border. Meanwhile, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency has begun a million-dollar ad campaign across Central America warning potential illegal immigrants of the dangers of the journey and that there will be “no permiso” – no permission to stay – once they get to the border. General John Kelly, Chief of the U.S. Southern Command, calls the region a “Crime-terror convergence” that is an existential threat to the nation.

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The August 2014 National Newsletter, The American Constitutionist is published.

 From National Chairman Frank Fluckiger, 

Dear friend:

I’m really excited about our new newsletter. There is more information and important links than ever before. I urge you to read it — read it twice so you can go to the links — then send it on to a fellow patriot. Tell them this is why I’m involved in politics.

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Why the Constitution Party? – Robert Peck

2014 Voter Recommendations


2014 Voter Recommendations


2014 Candidate Evaluations

Darrell Castle, former national Vice-chairman, currently serves on the National Executive Committee and was the Constitution Party Vice-presidential nominee in 2008.

Cynthia Davis, a four term Missouri State Representative, currently serves as a member of the Constitution Party National Committee.

Constitution Minute by Randall Yearout

Randall Yearout is the voice of Red-White-and-Blue Collar Radio and creator of the Constitution Minute radio spots originally aired on the American Christian Network, based in Spokane, Washington. This book is a compilation of those spots with additional supporting material for the principles Randall applies to today's world. You can listen to them from the Multimedia page on this website.

America Needs a Third Party Now!

This book was produced for the national Constitution Party by Karen Murray, Constitution Party of Washington Vice-chairman. It is a compilation of essays gathered from Constitution Party leaders across America and includes a history of third parties, why they are essential to freedom, and why a party based solely on the founding principles of the American Constitutional Republic is the best choice for America.

  • Constitution Party Strikes Gold in Alaska with GOP Defections October 29, 2014
    OPPOSITION NEWS by Mark Wachtler - 29 October 2014 –    If you’re an opposition political party, you know you’ve done something right when you actually get one of your candidates elected to local office. But when you elect two more »
    Karen Murray
  • Idaho! October 29, 2014
    MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN by Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman - 28 October 2014 –  Our Constitution Party candidate for Idaho’s First District Senator is Christian Fioravanti — a young, energetic, and knowledgeable campaigner. I’ve said it before: Christian represents the more »
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  • It’s Us vs. Them and the Problem is Us October 29, 2014
    by Robert W. Peck, Constitution Party of Washington State Chairman - 20 October 2014 -   In a world with an “us versus them” mentality, it’s always “them” that are the problem… right? We’re never the cause of our own more »
    Karen Murray
  • Alaska! October 27, 2014
    MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN by Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman - 27 October 2014 –    On October 7, David Luntz, a registered member of the Constitution Party, was elected to the Deltana Community Corporation Board. The Board is the local government akin more »
    Karen Murray
  • South Dakota Constitution Party Candidates Ace Campaign for Liberty Survey October 25, 2014
    - 25 October 2014 –  Lori Stacey, Constitution Party candidate for South Dakota Secretary of State, and Wayne Schmidt, Constitution Party candidate for Public Utilities Commissioner recently participated in the Campaign for Liberty 2014 Candidates Survey and passed with 100% more »
    Karen Murray